Studying Dreams for Spiritual Purpose

The Purpose of Dreams and Studies

The purpose of having a website dedicated to Dreams of Goddess is to keep a record of the process as we commune and study for a year and a day, the time it will probably take to learn a basic foundation of dreams and how Goddess speaks to us through them.

We will learn who Goddess is, why she comes to us in dreams, and how we can craft, as women, our relationship with her by the various venues she provides us: nature, rituals, community, journaling, art-making, and of course, our night dreams.

Oneirology is the study of dreams and Oneirological Thealogy is a religious practice centered around Goddess and our Dreams. We receive inspiration and guidance from our dreams, while doing dream work and inner, sacred work with Goddess.

She fills our thirsty psyches with her wellsprings of wisdom, self and otherwise

She blesses us with her landscapes of sky, earth, trees, rocks, vegetation

She calms our fears, fills our needs, creates through us

She who becomes is Goddess

She from within is the Becoming

She from without is the Sacred Blessing

You are welcome on this journey of mine, as I study my last year to receive my Masters of Divinity from Ocean Seminary College, dedicating my self and life to Dream Goddess as her Priestess of Dreams.

I’m looking forward to sharing with you on this journey. Unfortunately, I’ve had to disable the comments section due to spam overload. But you can join me by staying abreast of new writings (see sidebar to register your email), and by writing in your own personal journal, jotting down the insights that you gain from your own journey into your dreams and divine study. Partake, then, of the gifts of Goddess, and be blessed for the joining.

Raymonde ~ OneiReen